Accurate, absolute, actionable lung fluid measurement for heart failure patients

What is ReDS

ReDS™ is a mobile medical device for non-invasive lung fluid level measurement. The system consists of group of sensors and analyser block. The analyser equipped with touch display and control panel. ReDS™ is a compact-class medical device.

Product Advantages


Compact design allows use over patient's clothes


Less than two minutes of measurement time


You can conduct regular measurements many times during the day


Safe for patients and medics. No harmful exposure.


Complies to CE and FDA since 2016. Used in hospitals of the US and Israel.


No disposables involved.

Seeing through the walls

How it works?

ReDS™ medical radar technology for lung fluid measurement, originated in defense see-through-wall technology, that is used to find survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. This innovative medical device represents 10 years of development and is protected with 63 patents.

Fluid level monitoring

ReDS™ helps you to decide about the method of artificial lungs ventilation, and to select optimal therapy by providing consistent patient monitoring data.
ReDS™ provides accurate data during infusion treatment and helps to decide about therapy change when needed.

Indications for use

For heart failure patients


One of the main symptoms of heart failure is increasing level of fluid in lungs. ReDS™ alllows you to monitor pathological changes at early stages of disease and prevent inpatient treatment if necessary.
Covid triage


ReDS™ technology allows regular measurements, to ensure early diagnostics of the disease. ReDS™ provide vital and accurate information for triage.

ReDS is a non-invasive system 
for lung fluid status measurement 
that is 95% accurate compared 
to CT scans (2)

Information for Medical Professionals


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ReDS medical device for lungs fluid measurement
ReDS application
Information for Medical Professionals

Technical Data

ReDS™ Pro system consists of two modules: sensor block and control panel. It is connected to cloud software management system. ReDS™ Pro works from electric supply (AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 0.75A-0.35A).
The system can be supplied in one of two variants:
  • Sensor block and control panel on a table stand
  • Sensor block and control panel on a trolley (wheeled stand)
Sensor block weight - 1.4kg
Control panel weight - 2.9kg
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